Welcome to Bloom Equity Partners,
a technology-focused investment firm

Pairing flexible capital with proprietary operating playbooks, we strive for Bloom to be the investor of choice for ambitious management teams seeking to accelerate their growth and market leadership.

Our mandate is flexible and allows us to invest in exceptional Business-to-Business, Software as a Service (SaaS) companies at varying stages of growth, so we approach every situation with an open mind and create customized investment structures to match different business models or transaction types.

How We Partner

We believe there’s no higher quality business model than high margin, recurring revenue businesses with sticky products, and strong management teams who are destined for greatness but need additional capital, expertise, and partnership to thrive.

Bloom’s operating playbook was designed using decades of experience scaling technology businesses through different stages of growth.

We augment our playbooks with strategic capital and talented management teams to drive impact across each of our portfolio companies. Our shared services group works relentlessly to implement best practices across growth and demand generation, product, sales, customer success and operations, sales, marketing, driving high levels of output and capital efficiency.

Our flexibility as a partner allows us to execute both majority buyouts and minority growth equity investments. We focus on the quality of the business + management team and craft a winning capital strategy accordingly.

What We Look For

We're big fans of mission-critical technology and software businesses with a competitive moat, a sticky and diversified customer base.

Whether the business is bootstrapped, VC-backed or a division of a larger organization, Bloom is completely agnostic to the structure.

Specifically, we get excited about companies that check these boxes:

Target Company Attributes

  • B2B SaaS generating $2m to $10m+ in ARR

  • 90%+ annual retention rate

  • A mature and proven product

  • Highly talented management team

Transaction Focus

  • Majority investments & growth-oriented buyouts

  • Minority growth equity investments

  • Management-led buyouts

  • Add-on acquisitions

  • Carve-outs & divestitures

Even if your business doesn't meet this criteria today, reach out anyway. We may be able to refer you to one of our investment partners or assist in some other way.

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