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Finder's Program

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Become a Referral Partner

Bloom Equity referral partners are our boots on the ground referral network helping us scope out mission-critical, software, technology and tech-enabled services businesses with $5M+ in revenue who are looking for their next phase of growth.

How Our Finder Program Works

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Identify and refer a business in line with Bloom Equity's Investment Criteria

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Share the high-level business profile with us via our submission form below

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Our team leans in to review the business

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If we deem the business a good fit for our strategy, you introduce us via email and ensure response from the Founder. We take it from there.

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When the deal materializes, you receive anywhere from $25,000 - $500,000+ (based on deal size).

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Celebrate your first successful close as a Bloom Equity Finders Program Referral Partner

Submit Your Business Lead,
We'll Get Back To You Shortly

Thanks for submitting!

  • What happens if Bloom Equity elects not to pursue the business I refer?
    Once you submit the referral form, a member of the Bloom Equity team will begin reviewing the business. You’ll hear from us only if we find that the referred business is a fit for our fund strategy. If you’ve introduced us to a business and we decide to pass, we’ll be sure to follow up and share any feedback on why the deal didn’t materialize.
  • Can I refer a business without introducing you to the founder, CEO or key stakeholder?
    No, you will need to introduce us directly to one of these constituents to qualify for the Finder’s Program.
  • May I refer more than one business?
    Absolutely; however, you can only submit one business through the submission form at a time. We welcome you to submit as many submissions as you’d like to share with us. Thank you in advance.
  • What if I am the founder of the business?
    Please send your information through the Contact Us Form.
  • Why might Bloom Equity pass on a business referral?
    We look for a variety of different criteria when assessing a business. A few common reasons we might pass on your referral before or after meeting the prospective business are: - It doesn’t hit our financial criteria - It operates in a market susceptible to risk during our hold period -The business does not operate in a market or industry that we can be value-additive to - We are not aligned on the valuation expectations
  • How is the payment amount calculated?
    The Bloom Equity finders fee amount will be driven by the size of the transaction.
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