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Value Creation

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Bloom's Operational Team

Bloom’s investment approach includes a strong focus on providing operational value-add to enable meaningful and durable step-change growth and operating improvements.  Partnering with management, Bloom offers a cadre of resources to coach, advise on and support the implementation of operational value-adds across three pillars: Operating Partners, Operating Advisors and the Bloom Value Creation Team:

1. Bloom’s Operating Partners provide lift to the management teams, serving in multiple capacities depending on need.  Operating Partners help with any board-level readiness, serve as key advisors to the management team and can step in as an acting CXO if there is need.

2. Additionally, Bloom leverages a deep bench  of seasoned Operating Executives, former CXO’s of companies with experience in private equity, to help drive value for portfolio companies at the board level.   

3. Lastly, the Bloom Value Creation Team is the affiliated value creation group at Bloom Equity Partners.  Focused solely on disciplined, systematic value creation in B2B Software and Technology businesses, BVC leverages top talent in the industry to help Bloom’s portfolio companies build sustainable growth and market leadership.    

Your Growth Partner

Bloom Equity Partners was built to unlock growth in lower-middle market enterprise software and technology-enabled services companies through control investments and further developing already-great businesses into market leaders.

​This expanding and fragmented market provides significant opportunity to partner with exceptional management teams and achieve scale through deploying both operational improvement and rollup strategies.

Led by a team of software operators and investors, Bloom injects the capital, operational resources, and playbooks to rapidly unlock transformational growth and deliver superior risk-adjusted returns while creating enduring market value.  We evaluate both organic and inorganic opportunities to enhance the strategic value of the business.

Five-Pronged Strategy Plan

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1. Augment & Optimize Talent

Having the right talent in place is a key enabler to value creation. We will work with you to identify gaps in your leadership team and help you build a world class team by leveraging our experience and rolodex.

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2. Go-To-Market Strategy

We help Go-to-Market organizations optimize and scale by helping to realign team structures, refine product / market fit, optimize demand generation processes, and align incentive structures to optimal outcomes. 

3. Product Development

We carefully assess product engineering practices, code, and open-source capabilities. We also explore opportunities to implement best-practice improvements in the development process, such as Agile methodologies, and leverage the power of modern technologies such as AI, ML, and low-code development frameworks.

4. Winning Governance

We strategically assemble a Board of Directors that will add value to your business, including at least two independent directors who can provide you with valuable insights and act as a helpful sounding board.

5. Strategic M&A

We have a dedicated sourcing team who identifies and engages potential acquisition targets, conduct diligence, execute transactions and help with post-merger integration. 

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